Two weeks ago, disoriented from a redeye and a 6 hour time change, I arrived home after a whirlwind month-long trip. I had bookended a 3 week work trip to Manila with two trips for fun: a few days in Singapore to visit Jane (who was wrapping up a work project there herself) and a 10 day vacation in O'ahu with bae, hosted by our friend Tusiata who had moved back to her hometown there. The scope of the trip crept up on me, and it took being on the plane to realize that I was spending a month in a whole part of the world that was new to me.

Although the three places I visited were very different, they were also more similar than I had anticipated. All three had been colonized by European or American forces (both, in the case of the Philippines!) and were shaped by heavy immigration from East Asia, often in the form of indentured plantation labor. All three had English as an official language, coexisting with multiple native tongues. All had similar climates—ranging from hot and humid to VERY hot and humid—and spectacular flora and fauna. All existed literally between my two homelands, and felt accordingly somewhat familiar, though more than capable of surprise.

As I get settled back in after the trip, I've been reviewing my photos—all shot on an iPhone X this time, as I didn't bring a separate camera—and posting them on Flickr. They won't win any Pulitzers, but they're fine as memory bookmarks for a really amazing trip.