I have re-read the latest missive from Charlie Loyd's excellent newsletter maybe 4 separate times this week: during a break at work, on two different subway commutes, and just now so that I could click on all the links and follow up. I treasure Charlie's newsletter (and any other way he shares his thoughts) because he is able to examine the troubling, complex tangle of the mess we've managed to get ourselves into as a species and still manage to find glimmers of hope to seize and build on. We, or at least I, need as much of that as we can get.

The eastern bike/ped segment [of the Bay Bridge] is a path that makes no sense by itself, but it will make sense if a western one is ever built.... And so it seems inspiring to me.... because it points to the idea of using public resources in a way that will matter on a timescale beyond political cycles. It’s the opposite of vestigial. It’s an infrastructural raised hand, ready for a high five that can’t land before about 2030 or 2035.
[Philip] Morrison saw gaps and distances. He saw failures of communication, connection, and solidarity, to an unfashionable degree... If you could dust for intellectual fingerprints, you could place him at the Exploratorium, the Planetary Society, the Kepler mission, Carl Sagan’s work, the SETI League, and many of the other institutions that do the most to leaven American life. Over all of these is a negative triumph: “no third bomb”.
When I think about hope today, sometimes what I hear is Morrison’s impatient voice, trying to find the fulcrums to remake the human world into something that can survive itself.