This was the first of two unscheduled weeks in between client work, and I have been trying my best to hold this space as my own without simply filling up on obligations, busy work, and distractions. My accomplishments this week feel sparse and frivolous, and that's a triumph of its own.

What I Worked On:

  • Started going through the Artist's Way this week, which means morning pages by hand (3/5 days finished, 1 day attempted, 1 day totally skipped) and an artist's date (another visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, where I discovered a MAGICAL little library I'm eager to visit again soon.) Between this and coaching, I feel almost nauseous with the amount of introspection.
  • Made progress on things I'd prioritized at the start of the year but had been ignoring due to emotional or logistical friction: reached out to therapists to schedule consultations, and finally got rid of a stack of dining room chairs that's been haunting our living room for almost a year πŸŽ‰
  • Ordered seeds for native ground cover + flowers to do my part in keeping insects alive.
  • Gym: went on Sunday and Thursday. I'm downright bewildered by how much I'm continuing to enjoy this, and how the weights I'm using are inching up week by week.
  • Cooked so many meals! Rib and daikon soup, root vegetable chili, root vegetable hash, color-changing okonomiyaki.
  • Random stuff: 😷 was interviewed about face mask fashion for a future episode of Flash Forward, πŸ’Ό helped a friend with a post-breakup move, πŸ’΅ sent some invoices, πŸ“ reflected on last week's Teach the 1K Workshop, πŸ“– started in on some reading for the next leg of client work.


  • Doing morning pages by hand (vs. on a computer) did not make me less distracted. The problem is that as I write, I get inspired and excited and curious, and then I want to pursue those rabbit holes. But there are benefits to both approaches: morning pages by hand feel more exploratory, while digital morning pages are archived + searchable (which leads me to work on more pragmatic things, like drafting up blogposts and emails). One downside of analog morning pagesβ€”my cat can, and will, attempt to sit on them every 5 minutes.
  • The heart of why I crave social time is that conversations (with smart, engaged people) is a critical form of play for me. My brain gets sad when I don't give myself this!
  • Thinking a lot about the Green New Deal, and how despite its imperfections it's as good of a scaffolding for my values / political agenda as I'm likely to find: an imperative to radically transform our society so that we don't get wiped out by climate change; a vision of job creation and institutional transformation as a necessary path to that transformation; a commitment to equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity through it all. Early to tell, but this feels grounding.


  • Started The Counterpart on Starz on BFod's recommendation, and it's really good!
  • Soca is unparalleled for cardio, but any kind of weight work requires a stronger, slower beat. Song of choice this week: