What I Worked On

  • Subculture: This week, the teams turned a corner towards the finish line, and so did I—the muted professional facade I developed to navigate this unfamiliar organization has basically crumbled, and I'm finding ways to put my honesty and critical thinking (and disregard for hierarchy) to work.
  • Did a round of crit for my SVA students from last year's thesis projects. It was strange to go from one teaching hat to another
  • Started turning the Teach the 1K seminar talk that Gary and I put together back in January into a blogpost, or maybe an ebook.
  • Cooked 3x (mostly over the weekend), gymmed once, moved some of last week's sproutlings to larger containers and have mostly kept them alive.
  • Snippets of the interview I did with Rose back in February are now in the world as part of an episode of Flash Forward about creeping deserts, and a companion piece she wrote for Vox. I enjoyed doing this so much!

Thoughts, Feelings, Lessons Learned

  • Helping out with workshop facilitation this week was a good opportunity to reflect on how much I've learned just in the last few weeks about helping people through stuckness, and team dynamics.
  • The right piece of feedback can be transformative, almost overnight.
  • Night showers, swims, and off-path walks in the park are pretty good at keeping me pointed in the right direction.