I forgot to finish this over the weekend!!

What I Worked On:

  • Subculture: Week 5 of 6 down. The remote members of my teams have returned. Together we survived a presentation to the most senior leadership group yet and a party at a team member's house. And then, I (separately) navigated some ridiculous political nonsense. On the side, I also spent some time cleaning up the curriculum I've developed, and training other facilitators who are getting ready to do the same program.
  • On Saturday, my roommate of exactly one year packed up his few belongings and moved to Boston to take a senior research job at Harvard. I'm so thrilled to see his career take off, and to see the new chapter of his life unfold, but it's bittersweet—he's one of my (and Matt's, and Chirps') best friends, and I already miss having him nearby. It also means that Matt and I are finally living on our own for the first time ever in nearly a decade of cohabitation!
  • I caught up with Huy while he was in town this weekend, and I jokingly invented a new word—"jazz talking"—to define the kind of sprawling, idea-bouncing, additive, wandering conversations we both feel most energized by.
  • Cooked 3x, gymmed 2x. I repotted my (now 2 week old and sprouting true leaves) seedlings and started cleaning up the backyard for summer.

Thoughts, Feelings, Lessons Learned

  • I have no respect for fickle, unempathetic leadership. None!
  • At the start of this gig, I made a personal commitment to "just be a line cook" (as opposed to feeling like I own the restaurant)—and revisiting that was very helpful for navigating the tricky waters this week presented. I was able to pass the buck to where it ought to be passed, and then (mostly) enjoy my weekend.
  • The upside to my roommate moving out is that I now have an office—and really just a space—of my own! I'm full of nervous excitement about how to fill it up, and what to try with it.