• This week felt like it had more of a rhythm to it, a good balance of socializing and reading and thinking and working on things.
  • An exciting conversation with Diana about ✨possibilities✨
  • Visited the Newtown Creek Digester Eggs and learned all about wastewater treatment. Extremely my shit.
  • Sat in on a People&Company workshop on community starting
  • Cooked a fluffy omelette with baby kale, fondue, a veggie tom kha, an egg and potato hash. Ate lots of cooked leftovers from the previous week. My first Neapolitan pizza dough is in progress.
  • Transplanted some tomato, eggplant, and strawberry starts


  • Didn't go to the gym at all, but did make myself a little hand-drawn calendar about when the pool is/n't open to encourage going more next week.
  • Booked a flight for totally the wrong day 😱 but quickly fixed it.
  • Borrowed TOO MANY books from the library, so many it's been hard to pick what to read!


  • Assembling a portfolio
  • Putting together resources for a 4 hour workshop I'm getting paid to run on May 15th


Nadia Berenstein: Clean Label's Dirty Little Secret

Words like “natural” create expectations that the realities of commercial food production cannot justify. After all, what’s so natural about a plastic jar of hummus made with chickpeas from three countries, blended with oil from combine-harvested commodity crops, and whirred together by automated equipment in a warehouse, sitting on a refrigerated shelf? The simplicity of clean label is an illusion.

Sam Bloch: Shade

The original settlement of Los Angeles conformed roughly to the Law of the Indies, a royal ordinance that required streets to be laid out at a 45-degree angle, ensuring access to sun in the winter and shade in the summer.