Same old stuff this week, so here's a quick list what I've been reading and watching when I'm off-duty.


Knock Down the House (directed by Rachel Lears)

When AOC tells the little girl who's volunteering to hand out flyers for her that "for every ten times Nos, you'll get a Yes. And that's how we win," I cried.

Silvia Federici in conversation with Astra Taylor

This is a capitalism that is becoming more and more pure. I think the phase we’re entering now is one where the kind of resistances that were effective in previous times have been so destroyed that now capitalists don’t need the mediation of the state. You don’t have to give workers social security. You don’t have to give people the little honey of health care. Institutions like the World Bank and the IMF have done the job, with structural adjustments, with privatizations, and so on; they have done the job of breaking down all the protections. They’ve done the job, and they, too, are receding. So the nation-state has been receding, and now even the international state formations are receding... I think Trump represents this more brutal moment.
What is shrinking is the waged working class, not work.
The robots don’t make themselves. Somebody makes the robots; somebody has to extract the minerals to make the robots
First comes the revolt, then comes the idea.

Annihilation, by Jeff Vandermeer

A creepy but brilliantly written book that I could see landing on History of Science curricula everywhere, if it hasn't already.