Yeesh, it's been so long since a weekly check-in that I'm going to try a slightly different format for this one.

What I've Been Up To This July

Job Hunt: This continues to be a hard thing for me to apply direct, consistent effort to, but I'm in different (but early) stages of talking to two companies and actively still trying to rustle up more leads. Next week: picking up the month(s??) old task of making a public announcement about my new status.

Climate Jobs Directory: As part of my explorations for the job hunt, I've been making a list of all the companies and organizations working in the climate space I've come across that are (or might be, eventually) hiring people from a tech/design/user research background. Next week: I'd like to flesh this out a bit and share this with a few others to add to, with the idea of eventually turning it into a public resource.

Apartment Sorting: Since May, we have been acquiring a lot of new things (and purging old things) to support Matt's new ~Athlete Lifestyle~, while also gradually switching bedrooms in our 2br apartment. The result is a lot of chaos and mess and online purchase returns and Craigslisting, all of which takes a pretty serious toll on my productivity at home.

Global 1K: Gary and I met for a few hours two weeks ago to explore the idea of creating an massively multiplayer online (okay, maybe not TOO massive) version of the 1K challenge. We have a lot of ideas, but are both struggling to figure out whether (and what resources we'd need) to devote more effort to the project.

Seaweed Map: Still playing with this occasionally—a week or so ago, I made a version that zoomed into Polynesian seaweed varieties and names. This confirmed my hypothesis that looking at just one region would yield more than enough seaweeds to chart out! Next step: mocking up another one for a different region (maybe East Asia?) and thinking about illustrations.

Just pulling this together required another big round of research, which led me to watching some wonderful video interviews with Dr. Isabella Aiona Abbott, "the first lady of limu." Dr. Abbott was the first native Hawaiian woman to get a PhD in science, and became an ethnobotanist who spent her life cataloguing the native seaweeds of Hawai'i and Polynesia.

Green ESCO Finder: Earlier this week, I dusted this project off after 7? 8? months of dormancy. For whatever reason, I feel much more empowered to tackle it myself than I did when I was last playing around with the idea, so might try to get it to a blog post level of MVP and see what happens.

Plant Hangs: To maintain my spirits in these uncertain times, I've been trying to spend as much time with plants as possible. That includes the plants in my garden, which I poke at almost every day, as well as plants out in the world that I try to learn about using plant identification apps on the long strolls I'm becoming fonder of.