This was a banner week for work AND play, and I feel great. Hopefully, it's not just the January new resolutions glow!

What I Worked On

  • Teach the 1K: Most of this week was spent finishing up prep work for the Seminar, which we held last night for 25 attendees (+ remote participant via Zoom). Here's a tweet from a happy participant, and then another one. It was a challenging process to figure out how to explain the nuances of our class and everything we had learned, but I'm happy with how it turned out and eager to see what happens next.
  • Writing: Filed my edits for Logic Mag after an epic 😬 9 hour writing session 😬 right after I wrote the last weekly check-in. I'm really, really proud of where it landed. A sneak preview:
In his 2014 book 参与感 ("Togetherness"), Xiaomi executive Li Moqiang described his first encounter with bullet comments thus: after just 15 minutes, his eyes were watering and overwhelmed. But after enduring for another 30 minutes, he found he suddenly developed the ability to switch his attention between the comments and the underlying video at will—a sort of Magic Eye trick for processing content and commentary at the same time.
  • Subculture: I'm teaching another round of workshops with Subculture next week, so I spent a day this week on formalizing the (very competently) ad-hoc'ed curriculum with a colleague into an epic Google Doc. I don't mind how curriculum-heavy this week has been because it's such satisfying work to put things in order!
  • Personal: Spent a few hours this weekend moving the hosting for this blog to DigitalOcean—now the pictures work. Hooray. The dining set is still there, though.
  • Habits: Cooked 2/7 dinners (but only 1 delivery meal!), didn't exercise at all again. But! stuck to my no-snooze rule for the whole week despite some insomnia!
  • Watching: Finished Season 2 of Mrs. Maisel. Not as good as the first season but still fun.
  • Playing: Started a multiplayer Stardew Valley farm with housemates. Ill-advisedly started playing Civilization VI last night on my Switch. A lot of Twinfold on my phone.

Lessons Learned

  • A perfect weekend has one fun scheduled adventure and lots of time left over for getting your life in order / vegging out. This past weekend, that adventure was the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with friends—couldn't recommend highly enough, even in the winter!
  • My challenge from my coach this month: what does it mean to do what I want? (First: rehabilitate my shriveled muscle for listening to what it is I want and trusting my instincts.)

Next Week

  • Finish preparing for / execute Subculture workshops next week—this will take up 95% of my time and energy during the week.
  • Over the weekend, finish a round of edits on D&S project and deal with January finances
  • Pick up communication balls dropped in December
  • Cook at least a few more meals now that the CSA is back
  • Stick to my no-snooze rule!