I mostly worked on one thing over this past week, so I'm experimenting with the format.


  • Another really successful round of Subculture workshops down. I've now personally led 72 people through the process, which is pretty cool! My co-facilitator and I have continued to tweak the curriculum each time based on feedback and observations from the previous round, and we've seen the participant outcomes improve a lot as a result.
  • Personally, I think my facilitation skills have improved a ton—how to use my voice and presence to organize attention, how to design and give clear instructions for exercises, how to steer conversations and coach people without too heavy of a hand, how to reward good behavior and subtly dissuade the bad.
  • Delivered my report for D&S on the coldest day of the year and had a great conversation about it with danah and Charley. It was an unusually hard one to get out, so I'm very glad it was well-received.
  • Cooked 3 / 7 dinners (and 2 weekend breakfasts!), all with my farmshare haul: potato & sweet potato hash with fried eggs, apple dutch babies, pumpkin + sausage pasta, a grain bowl with radish prepared 3 ways (raw & thinly sliced, braised in soy sauce, and sauteed radish greens), Japanese curry with pumpkin & carrot & chickpea & soya chunk.


  • My phone turned itself off in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leading me to wake up nearly 90 minutes late on Wednesday 😱😱😱 Some victories from the jaws of defeat: I had planned to be there 30 minutes early for a prep meeting, and it only took me 10 minutes to scramble out the door instead of the expected 40, so I was only 20 minutes late and nothing bad happened. But at lunch break that day, I walked to the MoMA design store to shop for an analog alarm clock. My criteria when choosing: dimming screen when not in use, small & battery-powered, must be able to identify whether the alarm is set and for when at a glance. This one was perfect, and my phone is hereby banished from my bedroom.
  • Still haven't been exercising regularly, though Brian introduced me to the concept of bands for toning and I may pick that up.

Next week is going to be a mish-mash of meetings with too much free time in between, and I'm already steeling myself for the disorientation and lack of structure compared to this week. I suspect that most of that free time will be spent on 1) making further revisions on Subculture workshop materials to hand off to the next team, 2) preparing for Gary & I's workshop on Feb. 8th, or 3) doing one last round of edits on my Logic Magazine piece.

I want to commit myself to doing morning pages all next week as a way to anchor the sloppiness. And: do at least one full workout routine. And: make a plan for how to use my time until the next stretch of Subculture work starts at the end of February.

One lesson learned: never do research projects alone if it can at all be helped. It's a thing I teach, but forget to apply to myself.


  • Everyone should watch Catwalk on Netflix. Especially cat people.
  • I decided I wanted a break from subway gaming so I downloaded the Tenori-On app and—flush from ONE DRINK with colleagues—proceeded to miss my subway stop by 6 stops. 5/5 stars would bleep bloop again.
  • I'm 5 challenge runs away from 100%ing Into the Breach.
  • The scale used in Teni's Uyo Meyo is so pleasing to my brain. What is it????