• January's over! And for me, it felt 200% more productive, energizing, and lived in than almost any month last year did. Grateful for the sensation and the velocity.
  • After a challenging work session, Gary and I hit a breakthrough on the plans for our workshop next week.
  • I always really enjoy being on the other side of the interview table, but it was particularly cathartic to talk with Rachel about Asian American politics and digital organizing for her dissertation work this week.
  • Reading a lot about Design Sprints in preparation for my next round of Subculture work, and I'm pleased to see that my instincts around facilitation seem to be in sync with those of more seasoned facilitators.
  • I cooked a ton this week: a roast fish dinner with friends, squash and lentil stew, leftover nachos revitalized into huevo rancheros, a big batch of applesauce, chorizo and potato tacos, shakshuka for the snow squall, my uncle's braised eggs & pork belly recipe.
  • Went to the gym—TWICE. And I...like it?????
  • "We're working on a story about the new Karl Marx anime series commissioned by China's propaganda department. Could you give us your take?"


  • Mercury must be in reggaeton again because this week has been steeped in peripheral crises: one friend in the hospital for severe GI issues, another one recovering from a concussion and a relationship, and another lost his father, who was also like an uncle to me. The silver lining: after the waves of last year, I feel more equipped than ever to be supportive of my community while not (entirely) derailing my own life.
  • All of these life interruptions have eaten into the time I set aside to finish my Logic edits, and now I'm scrambling to get another draft out before tomorrow! Writing is the worst 😫
  • Don't make fruit leather at home. It's not worth it. Just buy a fruit roll-up.
  • This was my worst wake-up week yet, probably because of the transition from a highly-structured work week to the usual chaos. I never technically hit snooze, but I didn't get up at the alarm, either. Maybe that needs to be the new rule.
  • Relatedly: no morning pages. Not even once! How to create space for this?


  • Trusting the process includes speaking up about what feels unhelpful and unproductive, not just going along with the flow.
  • As I helped my longest running friend edit his father's obituary via Google Docs at 2 AM, I thought: collaborative document editing really is my most powerful love language.


  • Finally started Season 2 of American Vandal and love it as much as the first season. 60% of that is because I'm a high school boy at heart, but the rest is because it's hands down the best at depicting teenagers as they actually are.
  • One more achievement down in Into the Breach: beating the game (any length) with a Random Squad without spending any Reputation.
  • I've found Gabber Modus Operandi the perfect listen for long walks in the cold during this uneasy week, though it's certainly not for the faint of heart (or eardrum). Their label, Yes No Wave, is based in Indonesia and "distributes sound/musical works to a broaden public as a ‘gift-economy’ act." Creative Commons!