What I Worked On

  • On Friday, Gary and I finally held our day-long Teach the 1K Workshop. It went pretty well, but we're still processing what we want to do with this project next.
  • Last Saturday, I flew from NYC to McAllen, TX and spent the next few days immersed in viewings, funerals, and post-funeral logistics assistance: everything from looking up survivor benefits to installing toilet seats. It was a surreal experience, but I'm so glad I went. I also harvested half a suitcase full of grapefruits.
  • Other random stuff: Public Lab governance meeting, finances for January, advised on 🌴, was a guest (along with Gary) on Howard Gray's podcast Tickets
  • Gym: only had time to go once, but in addition to my normal routine I checked out the pool and swam a few laps, then had a wonderful conversation with a stranger in the sauna about all the best fruits we'd eaten in our lives.
  • Cooked or ate leftovers for 4/5 meals I had in NY this week: a gobo takikomi gohan with a daikon & beef soup on the side, brats with a side of this ridiculous gratin, leftover pork belly and eggs.

Thoughts and Lessons Learned

  • Attending a funeral, especially during Lunar New Year, made me think about being more intentional about life milestones and rituals. Also: my parents and I have very different ideas of the good life, but they really got the friends and communities thing right.


  • I've finally gotten ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS in Into the Breach and unlocked the Secret Squad! I've been playing it for a few minutes before bed most nights for almost a year.
  • Started watching Titans, the live-action Teen Titans show on DC Universe. It's solidly okay.
  • The most irresistably catchy soca song on my exercise playlist right now is Machel Montano & Ashanti - The Road.