What I Worked On

  • Subculture: Finished the second week of facilitating/coaching/managing these project teams. This week brought a lot of new challenges, not the least of which for me is that I'm now leading the teams alone, but we managed to land in a good place by the end of the sprint. Morale is still high: everyone feels energized and like they're learning a ton, including me.
  • Etc.: Plotted out next few months of work on the Teach the 1K project with Gary; attended first China Residencies board meeting; put together tax materials for Magpie Kingdom; started working with M@ on documenting his sound design process for Ape Out.
  • Put a big dent in apartment maintenance last weekend after protracted Ape Out crunch / busy client work time, including installing long overdue bathroom shelves.
  • Cooked 3x, gymmed once. Picked a therapist to work with (!)

Thoughts, Feelings, Lessons Learned

  • This gig has continued to hone my management, critique, visual communication in a very energizing and manageable way. I remember sleepily remarking to M@ at some point this week that "I feel stretched to my limits, but pleasantly, like a gluten."
  • During the rougher parts of the week, I was forced to step into what Gary & I refer to as "hero mode" with my project teams—where I was doing the work rather than coaching them through doing the work. It's hard to figure out where the balance is, but I will try to do less of this next week.

Next week

  • My project teams will both become partially remote for the next few weeks, which should introduce new challenges on top of an already tricky iteration process.
  • Need to start my seeds for the summer—last frost is creeping up on us!
  • Tackle my email backlog... ... ...?


  • We watched all of the Umbrella Academy's first season, which is in turns a perfectly passable young superhero show and astonishingly corny. Not what I would call a strong recommend.
  • Desus & Mero on Showtime really hit its stride in the 3rd week. Between a relentless roast of R. Kelly to John Legend writing a song about eating ass, I laughcried through at least 75% of this week's episode.