What I Worked On

  • Subculture: This week marks the halfway point of the project, and it was a really challenging one—remote work, trickle down pressure from leadership, organizational roadblocks, deflating morale as a result of all of this. I learned a lot about treading the line between protection and transparency, having the hard conversations early, and how to stay off the rollercoaster. The next 3 weeks are going to be intense, too, as I'll have to run between coaching the project team and supporting a teaching team.
  • Etc.: gave Public Lab staff some UI/UX advice, filed Magpie Kingdom's taxes, and migrated my peanut butter noodle recipe to this blog.
  • Cooked 2x, started (and then forgot about 🤦🏻‍♀️) seeds, gymmed once. Saw Robyn with Nicole, took a road trip to Connecticut to see Olivia in The Revolutionists, and watched Captain Marvel on the biggest screen in NY.

Thoughts, Feelings, Lessons Learned

  • Having a collaborator you can reach out to for support—whether it's talking over ideas out loud or just demanding an after-work destress drink—makes difficult situations much easier.
  • Finding leadership strength in honesty and shared vulnerability is real, y'all.
  • My morning routine—and my inbox backlog—continues to slip :(


  • Watching Counterpart on Starz, which is gorgeous and very well done in many ways, but also kind of just an Orphan Black with a vintage fetish and more dudes.
  • Started playing Baba is You, which is as brilliant and charming as everyone says it is and available on Switch.