There were so many logistics to deal with towards the end of last week that I just straight up forgot to post one of these! The first week I've missed, I think, since the start of the year. Oops, but—and—onwards.

What I Worked on Th(ese) Week(s)

  • Finished designing & delivered the executive workshop, and it went fairly well despite the fact that I got the date completely wrong 🙈 Though getting the date wrong for the workshop was mortifying, I ended up with a really lovely bonus day in Atlanta, where I visited the CDC museum and took some time to clear my head in the beautiful botanical gardens.
  • Hosted a viewing party for the last episode of Game of Thrones, which was definitely bittersweet as I'd started the viewing party maybe 5 years ago, as one of my first regular social gatherings in New York. We barbecued, listened to about 3 hours of terrible theme song remixes on Soundcloud, and enjoyed closing out our ritual one last time with a record 22 people in attendance.
  • The Logic Magazine piece I filed back in January is finally online! It's easily one of my favorite things that I've ever written, and it feels amazing to be so uncomplicatedly proud of something I worked on so (relatively) recently.
  • Finished preparing for my 5 week play-work-play trip to Singapore-Manila-Oahu, which has already started!


Wendell Berry, On Loading Brush

The thing of greatest importance is to think about the land with the lands people in the presence of the land. Every theory, calculation, graph, diagram? Idea, study, model, scheme, plan, and hope must be caught firmly by the ear and let out into the weather, onto the ground.
Both sides tend to refer to limitlessness as "freedom". We have the liberal freedom of unrestrained personal behavior and the conservative freedom of unrestrained economic behavior.
As for the future, it extends from the next second to the end of the world... We need to restrain and reduce our presumptions upon the future, which are producing grotesque and dangerous results.
We all are living from a colonial or predatory economy, run by plutocrats, to whom we and our land are resources to be used up at their pleasure.

Kim Stanley Robinson, New York 2140

After the basements and subways and tunnels were aerated, no doubt people would start carving caves deeper and deeper, extending an invisible calvinocity down into the lithospherel Geothermal heating available at no extra charge! Apartments in hell: and that was Manhattan.
No one knows this [global finance] system. It grew in the dark, it's a stack, a hyperobject, an accidental megastructure. No single individual can know any one of these megastructures, much less the mega-megastructure that is the global system entire.

Chelsy Wu: Nvshu Sans - Proposing & Designing a Heiti Font for an Ancient Chinese Women’s Script

The conflicting goals of language revitalization and information privacy is a unique challenge of the 21st century that we still do not have an adequate solution for. In what ways can we envision and carry out a script’s digital ascent that protects the privacy of its speakers and writers?