First of two intense workshop weeks.

What I Worked On

  • Subculture: As predicted, I spent my entire work week focused on Subculture work—prepping for, delivering, then debriefing a 3 day workshop with the client I'll be working with until June. It was a lot of 12 hour days that ended with me falling asleep on the couch. It went really well, and I feel proud of and energized by the work we were able to get done despite cramming a 5 day curriculum into 3 days for the first time.
  • Party: Last weekend, I helped China Residencies host a book launch party for fellow board member An Xiao Mina's Memes to Movements, during which I was on a panel with An Xiao + Fei Liu, moderated by Kira Simon-Kennedy. Here's a picture of us having a great time.
  • Personal: Processed my December finances.
  • Habits: Cooked one dinner and one lunch over the weekend, as I got home way past dinnertime every day during the workweek. Stuck to my no-snooze rule for 3/5 days—will try hard for 5 next week.  Starting to realize (re-realize?) that it's less about the snooze and more about not having a phone in bed in the morning.
  • Watching & Playing: Only managed to squeeze in one episode of Gifted without falling asleep on the couch. The show is exactly what I want in a decompression TV show: high-stakes superheroing and low-stakes interpersonal drama. Games-wise, I got sick of Civ VI after a week and went back to Into the Breach. Civ is always better in my imagination than it is in real life.

Lessons Learned

  • Phone in bed is always a trap.
  • It's interesting that all of my time this year so far has been devoted to teaching, or planning to teach, or teaching about teaching.

Next Week

  • One more round of workshops, with lots of prep in between.
  • Need to actually finish the report for D&S, which I failed to do last weekend 😬
  • Catch up on email?? Somehow????