I was excited to spend this week of newly reclaimed freedom living my best life, but that fantasy was thwarted by a flu that took me out for much of the week :(

What I Worked On

  • Finished filing my personal taxes for 2018 (!!!) and reviewing my finances for March
  • Follow-up meeting for Subculture work; exploring a lead on another project for the summer
  • Put in two half-days of work on writing up the Teach the 1K talk and editing drafts of an insight post Gary's putting together
  • Rearranged my books in the office, reorganized kitchen shelves, and ran some longstanding framing errands
  • Memorized the plastic resin codes to make my new project of tracking all my plastic waste for a month.
  • Scheduled June vacation (Hawaii!)
  • Cooked 4x, gym 0x

What's Next

  • I need to find a structure for the next 5 weeks so that I don't let errands and maintenance work creep into time set aside for thinking and exploring about big picture stuff.
  • Next week, I hope to restart a morning gardening routine again, and attempt a draft of some kind of open cover letter.