What I Worked On:

  • Gave a short talk over video at Space10 x CoMatter talk series about China's internet languages
  • More work on publishing Teach the 1K materials
  • Recombobulating and planning for the next quarter
  • Unpacking the backyard for summer. Returning to a real gardening routine (squinting at dirt that sprouts might come out of and accidentally touching slugs every morning)
  • Helped out with Public Lab UI/UX project; (finally) started on IHAS taxes
  • Returned to the gym after my longest break from it yet (nearly 3 weeks!), cooked 3x

Thoughts, Feelings, Lessons Learned

This week has kind of floated by. I don't feel like I spent it poorly, but I also couldn't tell you what I spent my energy on, aside from recovering and catching up on things I should have done last week. Hoping that next week comes with more direction and energy